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Thursday, January 3, 2013

She's just one of several pop stars bridging the gap between hip-hop and rap.
By Jocelyn Vena

<P><a href="">Demi Lovato</a> and <a href="">Eminem</a> are not two names often tied together. But the pop singer recently shared that she'd like to change that, saying she'd love to hit the studio with the legendary rapper. </P><P> </P><P></p><div class="player-placeholder right" title="Demi Lovato Would 'Die' If She Could Share The Stage With Lil Wayne" id="vid:693216" width="240" height="211"></div><p> </P><P> </P><P>"Hopefully, I can work with Eminem," the singer told <a href="" target="_blank">E! News</a> about her dream collaboration. "He's my favorite rapper, so anything with him would be amazing." </P><P> </P><P>Hip-hop fans might be surprised to hear about Lovato's love for the genre, but Lovatics are more familiar with it. She made headlines last fall with her gut-busting <a href="/news/articles/1671173/demi-lovato-lil-wayne-how-to-love-cover.jhtml">cover of "How to Love"</a> by Lil Wayne. When she spoke to MTV News about the deeply personal track, she fessed up about her love for the rapper and his song. </P><P> </P><P>"I just loved the way that Lil Wayne took a risk doing the song 'How to Love,' and when I really listened to it, it's such a great song," she said. "It has such a deep meaning to it and I wanted to perform that, and I put a little spin on it and tried to make it a little more empowering. And I think it fit with the platform and the message that I have with my fans." </P><P> </P><P>Lovato's one of many artists crossing over between <a href="/news/articles/1673248/justin-bieber-drake-hip-hop-pop.jhtml">pop and hip-hop</a>. Taylor Swift was at the forefront of the trend in 2011, hitting the stage with the likes of T.I. and Nicki Minaj. And Justin Bieber said he'll likely work with <a href="/news/articles/1673221/justin-bieber-kanye-west-drake-next-album.jhtml">Drake and Kanye West</a> on his 2012 release, <i>Believe</i>. So it seems this trend isn't going away anytime soon. </P><P> </P><P><div style="background-color:#000000;width:428px;"><div style="padding:4px;"><embed src="" width="420" height="236" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowFullScreen="true" allowScriptAccess="always" base="." flashVars=""></embed></div></div> </P><P> </P><P><i>What hip-hop/rap duo would you like to see in 2012? Let us know in the comments!</i></p>

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