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Sunday, December 30, 2012

NBC's David Gregory has announced a surprise visit by President Obama for this weekend's Meet The Press.

Gregory made the announcement on his Twitter account saying, "Excited to announce that President @BarackObama will be my exclusive guest this Sunday on @MeetthePress."

This reverses Gregory's announced vacation. He was not scheduled to be on this weekend.

Host Gregory has been under a cloud of controversy since his December 23 gun stunt. During last Sunday's broadcast, Gregory broke Washington D.C.'s strict gun banning laws when he brandished an illegal 30-round rifle magazine on the air in the D.C. studios.

So what gives? Why is the President suddenly appearing on Meet The Press? Could it be to help Gregory out of his troubles? This is obviously a presidential back patting for Gregory so that maybe the D.C. police will back off.

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