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Friday, December 21, 2012

Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland say the new mom looks 'amazing' and that Blue Ivy is 'beautiful.'

By Jocelyn Vena, with reporting by Kelly Marino

<P>Earlier this week, new mom <a href="">Beyonc&#233;</a> stepped out to debut her post-baby body for the first time. Decked out one night in a <a href="/news/articles/1678726/beyonce-post-baby-appearance-blue-ivy.jhtml">body-hugging red number</a> and another in a <a href=" ">glittering black cocktail dress</a>, B was out in full force to support her hubby <a href="">Jay-Z</a> when he took the stage for a two-night engagement at New York's famed <a href="/news/articles/1678669/jay-z-carnegie-hall.jhtml">Carnegie Hall</a>.
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</P><P>B certainly left her fans speechless with her ability to bounce back to hotness just a month after giving birth to baby Blue Ivy, and her former Destiny's Child pals were equally floored. Michelle Williams dished to MTV News, "Man, "She looks fantastic, amazing, amazing, amazing. I wasn't surprised because even before she was pregnant she had a six pack, she was very toned. So, obviously it just went back very quickly."
</P><P>Fellow DC gal pal Kelly Rowland also can't handle how Beyonc&#233; is bringing sexy back one hot dress at a time. "She looks fantastic. She looks fantastic. I told her she looks so hot!" Rowland exclaimed. "She looks so hot &#8212; just even sexier. Love her!"
</P><P>And Williams noted that it's not just Beyonc&#233; who is doing well these days, but so is 1-month-old Blue. "Absolutely! Absolutely [I've seen everyone]!" she said. "Everybody's doing fantastic, amazing."
</P><P><a href="/news/articles/1677833/kelly-rowland-blue-ivy-carter-beautiful.jhtml">Williams' sentiments about Blue Ivy</a> mirror those of comments Rowland previously made about J and B's glory. "She's absolutely beautiful!" Rowland said back in January. "And I say that with such a huge grin! I'm so excited.
</P><P>"We all just stared at her," she added about meeting the baby for the first time. "I just stared at her. She is so beautiful."
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</P><P><i>Are you excited to see pictures of Blue Ivy? Leave your comments below!</i></p>

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